Friday, 7 December 2012

Boston, Ahoy!

Hullo All!

As like most people do during November, my family and I took a trip out of state to visit some relatives for the holidays. Our relatives haven't gone home since, themselves, coming here so we felt that it was time for a reunion! So we packed our backs and headed for a roadtrip. 

My mini luggage all ready for a week's trip!

We had to get up amazingly early. I don't think I've gotten up that early since we had to get up for our flight coming here!

Eek. Sorry for the blur. This is the first time that I've been able to wear my favorite pair of Converse sneakers here. It's very obviously worn, but it's still my favorite pair of sneakers. I also changed the original laces to these pretty pastel colored ones. :)

After four hours of getting almost lost, we found our way in MA and in a Friendly's Diner. :) It was my first time there and it was so cute! Very vintage-y.

All the breakfast meals!

We finally made it to our uncle's place. It was nice to see him and my aunt again--and to finally meet my youngest cousin who wasn't even born when we had seen their family last! :)

This was a throw pillow at their house. I fell in love with it! It looks as if leaves were sticked into some fabric and wrapped around a pillow! So genius! I want this pillow in my life.

We actually went into Boston to look around, but couldn't find any parking but I managed to snag an awesome photo of this amazingly, beautiful orangey-red tree!

I wish I could have gone down the car and taken a picture next to it!

Some other neat places around Boston. Someday, I'll go back and explore all the places!

We went to a nearby strip mall after and went into a comic store and Barnes & Noble.

Some Adventure Time ornaments! I'm not actually a fan of the show, but I'm still amused about all the products they end up appearing in.

Oh my gosh. A remake of the FABLES Volume1 cover!

For those that don't know, FABLES is a graphic novel that tells the story of fairy tale characters living in an isolated part of the human (aka. Mundy) world, trying to live "normal" lives. My love for great art and fairytales merged into this series and I've been investing a lot of money into it for two years! I've been introduced to so many amazing artists thanks to this! Best decision ever! I hope the story keeps going strong!

I spotted this unique gem at Barnes & Noble. It's in the manga section, but the difference is the length is novel-length--an entirely illustrated/manga-ized novel with great art for the cover. I must have this!

I am now the proud owner of this complete collection of this great set of stories! I love fairytales, what did I tell you? Barnes & Noble have a great set of classic books in hardbound and gold leaf pages! How magical does that look!

After a long time in the company of great books, we finally had amazing dinner! It's been a long while since I've had steak so I think it was just mouth-watering when I was told that we would be eating here!

We had originally gone to Texas Roadhouse but it was so full that they were turning away customers. Luckily, Longhorn seemed to have more capacity. I'm glad because this was an awesome place!

And I think it's only right to end this entry with a mouth-watering image of some steak and sweet potato balls right now. I'll just leave this here. Haha!

Next destination: West Virginia! ;)


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