Monday, 31 March 2014

PHL Part 2: Thrifting! Second Time Around + The Wardrobe Boutique

Hullo all,

After Karen and I had our super yummy and overindulgent brunch at The Golden Standard Cafe, we hopped on a trolley and headed to our first stop: Second Time Around.

I know, I know-- "Mishie, you're in Philly, you should check out historical and cultural sights instead of going shopping!" I hear you! But this is how it is, folks!

The colors were so bright! I get so excited when I see a lot of color. I just want to put as much of it as I can into my life.

Second Time Around was definitely a less thrift-shop looking thrift shop (haha!) because everything was set up to feel like a boutique with a lot of one of a kind items.

GPOY--looking at myself in the mirror. Little known fact that I am willing to admit, I'm always sneaking a peek at any mirror around me. But then again, who doesn't nowadays!

WALL OF SHOES. I will be the first to confess that I have become quite obsessive with shoes in the last two years. If you told me three years ago that I would be lusting after shoes, I would throw one right at you. I think I now need a shelf like this in my life!

Karen almost knelt on the wet sidewalk to take this photo of me while we waited for the bus to our next destination. This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip! Lol, I'm biased.

I love all the angles of the buildings in Philly. Some of them look really old and historical right next to these more modern ones.

We made it to The Wardrobe Boutique!

Proof of how windy/rainy it was that day! It was so funny that I captured this moment!

We actually just found this place through Yelp (it's amazing how many places you discover through that app, to be honest!) and we thought we'd give it a shot.

I quite liked the idea of a boutique-like thrift store, but all in all, I think the fashions in this one were definitely not for my age group.

Do you like to go thrift-shopping? Maybe if you live in the PHL area you can share with me more spots for when I visit again!


Sunday, 30 March 2014

PHL Part 1: The Golden Standard + Center City

Hullo all,

I took my first trip with a friend this weekend! My super good friend, Karen, invited me to go to Philadelphia with her. She was going down to visit her best friend and I was so lucky that she thought of me to go with her. 

The only unfortunate thing about the entire trip was that it was raining all throughout the weekend! There was so much to do and see that we had to take off our list because the rain just prevented us from doing so!

Luckily though, Karen did amazing research on some of the good places to go to. The Gold Standard Cafe was one of them.

The Gold Standard Cafe is on 4800 Baltimore Avenue and it has a nice location of where two intersections meet--kind of like the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

To Be In a Wes Anderson Film

Hullo all,

I had the pleasure of watching Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel" a couple of weekends ago. 

I am a recent fan of his. I recall seeing the preview of "Moonrise Kingdom" a few years ago and feeling just the strangest itch to watch it even if it looked like the most eccentric film I'd ever see. It did not fail to disappoint, but I suddenly felt like his eccentricities were mine as well. 

What can I say? His color palette, love of symmetry, the dry and hugely sarcastic humor and everything that fit into the screen was everything I felt I was (and am), so how could I not love it? 

The Grand Budapest Hotel (art by Marie Bergeron)

In any case, finding out that he had a new film, finally, got me excited and after months of waiting for it, I saw it and was not disappointed.

I leave the reviews and criticisms to those more trained for it, but personally speaking, I just could not get myself out of picturing how I would fit into one of his films. And since I had no patience for arranging a shoot of my own, I figured that the next best thing was to create a portrait. 

What's your favorite Wes Anderson film? :)