Friday, 26 October 2012

From MNL to EWR: Part 3 of 3

I have to admit, the 12 hour ride (in the darkness, might I add) did not inspire for a lot of photos. I watched Beauty & the Beast and Brave back-to-back *confetti for Disney "marathon"*

Add to that, the only time it was bright enough to take photos were a little bit before landing. They told us to turn off our devices. So the only plane shot I got was this blurry one *apologizes profusely*

But can you see the hint of oranges and yellows down there? It's Fall! The landscape was so pretty and warm against the cool, blue sky!

Some photos on the way to our new home. The sun was going down early because the weather was getting cooler.

We live about 30 minutes away from the nearest Jollibee; which here, has "Chicken & Burgers" attached to the name--maybe so that non-Filipinos know what Jollibee is. Haha.

We stopped by at this church to give thanks for a safe flight! :)

The handle of one of our luggages broke after carrying it four flights of stairs. This is me commemorating it before throwing it. 

Our first All-American Meal! Tony Romas Ribs!

My brother and I trying on our first set of "Fall Wear" before going out for a walk after dinner to the waterfront.

This EPIC view of New York City is only a five minute walk from our place! :)

(*Note: the tallest building to the rightmost part of this photo is the "new" World Trade Center" and where the Twin Towers used to stand)

- Mishie