Sunday, 28 October 2012

Let's Go to Manhattan! Part 1

                                                             Disclaimer: Photo Spam ahead.                                                     

Hullo all! 

So this entry is a week in the making because of all the photos. We did so much in our first few days here that there probably was not one corner that I did not take a photo of! But, here we are! I'm so happy to be sharing these because of all the feelings I had during my first trip into The City in over 11 years!

I have to admit that, because I was only 11 years old during my first trip here, I couldn't remember or appreciate what I was seeing/experiencing. So, now I can experience it fully and remember them! :)

                                                             New York City, here I come!                                                          

Making our way to The City via bus! This is one of many pretty-textured buildings we pass on the route!

A clear sign that it's fall: warm-colored trees! This one had a very vibrant orange color!

I bought my temporary phone here!

Multi-level parking area in Manhattan! How is this done? (Seriously, I need an answer! Haha!)

Epic NY Times building is epic.


Bedazzled McDonalds on Broadway!

There are Taylor Swift advertisments all over the place for her new album.

                                                            The World-Famous Times Square                                                  

My NYC look!

My really pretty mum! :)

You haven't gone to The City if you do not visit Times Square.

So many scenes in TV shows and films have played out here on the steps of Times Square!

My brother the photographer.

Awesome LED billboards for American Eagle.

                                                                          Disney Store!!!                                                                     


(*Warning: Disney-Fangirl Mode ON)

A whole wall for Merida! If you haven't watched Brave, you should--for the amazing CG and art, if not for anything else.

Keychains of my three favorite princesses all side-to-side. Destiny!

I want these lovely sketch shirts!

Renaissance Cinderella art is lovely!

They came out with a revamp of the Disney Villains! These were so amazing! These are notebooks of the Queen of Hearts and Maleficent! 

Cruella De Ville -- if she doesn't scare you, no other thing will!

They've got dolls!!!

I really want this one of Ursula!!!

Mother Gothel.

A whole wall of Disney plush!

Hello, Pascal!

Gigantic Be@rbrick in the Disney store? Hmm.

I'm off to the ball!

Wreck It Ralph merchandise already in store! I can't wait to see this film!

I want this Sugar Rush tee! It's just so cute and pastel-y!

                                                   Walking Adventure + Rockefeller Center + Lego                                       

Time for lunch! Legit New York Pizza style!

Just a bit pricey according to my mom, but I think it was okay for a first-time try!

One of the Must-Visit bakeries of New York! I read about it when I was still back in the Philippines!


Oh my, so many sweets!

Red Velvet! Must try!


Guess where?

Famous for it's skating rink that was built in 2006, but what I love most about this area is the Art Deco style architecture--very 1920-30's.

Lego store in the plaza.

I couldn't agree more!

I built my own!

For all you Spongebob fans!

My ninja camera skills! I found her bag and shoes interesting.

So pretty!

                                                                    St. Peter's Cathedral                                                              

St. Peter's Cathedral two blocks away! We came here the first time in 2001, but we didn't go inside.

I love these sculptures! I love the intricacy and details!

I have a thing for pulpits. Since first hearing about them in Noli Me Tangere, I've always taken photos of pulpits in old churches.

Sax Fifth Avenue! Such pretty window displays!

I love the juxtaposition of old and new buildings in this city. Like in Japan, there is a lovely mesh of the modern and traditional. :)

Guess what we saw next to Cute Souvenirs!

The Philippine Consulate. What a coincidence.

                                                          Grand Central Station, what a sight!                                                

Where's the flashmob?

The world-famous clock! Probably only second to Big Ben!

Lobsters, let's have dinner soon!

Bart and Elmo mugs caught me taking their photo! I want the owl mug behind Bart!

Green Tea Latte after all the walking! It's not the same as I take it at home. :(

Last stop of the day!

Took a panoramic photo from the top! But there is nothing like being there yourself. I wish it didn't have to cost $45 to go up, otherwise I'd be there all the time!

Day 2 Tomorrow!

- Mishie 

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