Mishie is a dreamer. 

Despite being past her childhood and teens, Mishie still continues to create and imagine. Being a fan of art, film and books, she believes that she can transport herself from one world to another simply by creating and opening a book. 

She graduated  with a double-degree in Communication Arts & Advertising Management from De La Salle University in Manila—although she would have, very much, liked to have attended Hogwarts. From her experience in school, she has come to treasure her skills and learnings on screenwriting and copywriting the most, managing to put these to use as she started her career in Advertising, specializing in Social Media. 

Mishie would like to immerse herself in all fields of creation and imagination, telling stories and sharing ideas. One day, she would like to dive into fashion, film, story-telling and art. She hopes to one day be able to work in film and/or Disney. 

Finally, Mishie is involved in fandoms and communities alike such as Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, YouTube, The Hunger Games, Hey Arnold and Nerdfighteria.