Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review and Retrain

Sometimes I feel as if my brain isn't connected to my limbs and phalanges sometimes. It's as if a shot of electricity is put out by a circuit breaker some where in between my shoulders and forearm--a shot that, may I mention, the wirings of my body need to keep active in cyber space. 

In these situations, a Pick-Me-Up is necessary.

But most times, I won't lie. I just feel like keeling over and crawling into the bedding when I get home. I want to stuff myself into my mattress and not come out until my body is willing; which, with things going the way they are, may take about a month or so.

Many things have been put on hold for a while since May, my videos and blog posts included. In fact, perhaps the only increase in activity I've had since is the amount of drawing I have been doing.

This is the first time I am using GPOY

But I would be lying if I said that I was still doing it as of this writing (no, I'm not. I'm currently reading two books at once. Eh, meh). 

I would like to, however, be resolute. Maybe a few jumping jacks upon waking up in the morning will slap me back in fighting shape. Maybe I need to get back on an inspirational collage train or something. 

And maybe stop eating this.

and this

eeexcept maybe this

and this

OMG fooood

Retrain your brain, says an ad on TV.

I think I will, ad. I think I will.

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