Monday, 11 February 2013

Art Portfolio Site

Hullo All!

Illustration has pretty much taken over me (in a good way) these past few months. And because this is more or less the life path that I've chosen to go down in the next few years, I decided that it was about time to put up a serious portfolio site for my works.

I do have my Behance and Tumblr pages, but they, to me at least, don't allow me to be as personal as I want to be with them. Somehow, while Tumblr is fun and you can immediately see the response people give your work, there is less organization involved and I really, really suck at coding. 

Behance, on the other hand, is a great way to put your work side by side with other professionals, but limits it to your projects and not much else because it's a networking site first and foremost. 

So I finally strapped on my big-girl pants and anchored myself down during the weekend to come up with a portfolio. 

Lo and Behold!

This is now a place purely for my art. I've also uploaded my work in advertising and social media on there too because they need a place in my portfolio.

Feel free to scan and drop me a line with what you think! More updates on there soon!


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