Monday, 11 February 2013

Meeting Michelle Phan + Barnes & Noble

Hullo All!

This has been ridiculously overdue, but it's still worth blogging about! Besides, it will something nice to look back on for sure! 

First off: some narcissistic photos of me! Yey! (Or not yey?)

I made sure to put on nice make up that day because I was going to meet someone very particular about make-up.

It was my first venture into a Sephora store! This is the one in Times Square. There was so much make-up that I was vastly overwhelmed, so I more or less stuck by the nail-polish area. It's the most colorful part so I think you can tell why I stuck around.

Make-up! Make-up everywhere!

Pretty colors! D:

After an hour of waiting (and a purchase), I got to meet the Other Michelle! :))

Michelle Phan was the whole reason I got into make-up. I was so intimidated by it before and, thanks to her, I really got into it (or is it "no thanks" to her? haha). She was also, probably the first person I became a dedicated subscriber of on YouTube before the Vlogbrothers came around in 2007. I've learned so much about beauty and skin care from her so I owe her a lot, even if she doesn't know it. 

The first thing she told me was that she loved my hair. Yey! Even if my roots were showing, it was worth it! I got a signed photo from her too so that was lovely.

So after Sephora I still had some time to kill so I decided to go over to Barnes & Noble because I've never been in one before. 

I need this in my life

Inspirational/ Freak Out books?

This book by Olly Moss is soooo awesome! As it says, it has silhouettes of people and pairs from pop culture. It was such a blast guessing all of them! They don't have captions so you have to know your pop culture!

It's-a me! ;)

You got a friend in me! ;)

And finally! ;) These are so cool. I would have paid for this book if I had any money! HAHA!

Art of Howl's Moving Castle! Have you ever seen or played the game Machinarium? It reminds me a LOT of Howl's Castle!

I'm going to go see if I can find a download of that game--I miss it suddently!


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