Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lizzie Bennet Diaries Posters

Hullo All!

A few months ago, I was in the height of my fascination with drawing everything I liked with mermaid tails. And since I was a big fan of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, it was only a matter of time that I made illustrations of them too. 

Want a Lizzie Mermaid Poster? Click HERE!

Want a Jane Mermaid Poster? Click HERE!

Want a Lydia Mermaid Poster? Click HERE!

I was proud, happy and overly ecstatic when they were being reblogged like crazy on Tumblr. I was overwhelmed when it hit 400 notes, so you can imagine that I was close to fainting when DFTBA Records contacted me a few days later.

Honestly, I thought I was in trouble for something--like I might have infringed on some copyright issues and they were going to tell me to take the artwork down. So I didn't anticipate that the initial email would eventually lead to this:

Bucket List:

And now my fangirl's dream of being in a Lizzie Bennet Video has been fulfilled
(See bottom-right of the image below)

Fangirl Bucket List:
 ✓ Be in an LBD video

Whatever, it's part of the overall video. It still counts!

And now I'm in a Vlogbrothers video as well!

Fangirl Bucket List:
 ✓ Be in a Vlogbrothers video

And in a video in which Hank translates dance-craze songs like Oppa Gangnam Style and Numa Numa? I win.

So, yes. Thank you to DFTBA Records and to the fans of Lizzie Bennet for helping it get the attention it's gotten. It's given me motivation and really made the transition from 2012 to 2013 a really exciting one! :) I'm glad to have contributed to the series in this tiny way, and I can only wish to be able to do something for it again! :)


Monday, 11 February 2013

Art Portfolio Site

Hullo All!

Illustration has pretty much taken over me (in a good way) these past few months. And because this is more or less the life path that I've chosen to go down in the next few years, I decided that it was about time to put up a serious portfolio site for my works.

I do have my Behance and Tumblr pages, but they, to me at least, don't allow me to be as personal as I want to be with them. Somehow, while Tumblr is fun and you can immediately see the response people give your work, there is less organization involved and I really, really suck at coding. 

Behance, on the other hand, is a great way to put your work side by side with other professionals, but limits it to your projects and not much else because it's a networking site first and foremost. 

So I finally strapped on my big-girl pants and anchored myself down during the weekend to come up with a portfolio. 

Lo and Behold!

This is now a place purely for my art. I've also uploaded my work in advertising and social media on there too because they need a place in my portfolio.

Feel free to scan and drop me a line with what you think! More updates on there soon!


Meeting Michelle Phan + Barnes & Noble

Hullo All!

This has been ridiculously overdue, but it's still worth blogging about! Besides, it will something nice to look back on for sure! 

First off: some narcissistic photos of me! Yey! (Or not yey?)

I made sure to put on nice make up that day because I was going to meet someone very particular about make-up.

It was my first venture into a Sephora store! This is the one in Times Square. There was so much make-up that I was vastly overwhelmed, so I more or less stuck by the nail-polish area. It's the most colorful part so I think you can tell why I stuck around.

Make-up! Make-up everywhere!

Pretty colors! D:

After an hour of waiting (and a purchase), I got to meet the Other Michelle! :))

Michelle Phan was the whole reason I got into make-up. I was so intimidated by it before and, thanks to her, I really got into it (or is it "no thanks" to her? haha). She was also, probably the first person I became a dedicated subscriber of on YouTube before the Vlogbrothers came around in 2007. I've learned so much about beauty and skin care from her so I owe her a lot, even if she doesn't know it. 

The first thing she told me was that she loved my hair. Yey! Even if my roots were showing, it was worth it! I got a signed photo from her too so that was lovely.

So after Sephora I still had some time to kill so I decided to go over to Barnes & Noble because I've never been in one before. 

I need this in my life

Inspirational/ Freak Out books?

This book by Olly Moss is soooo awesome! As it says, it has silhouettes of people and pairs from pop culture. It was such a blast guessing all of them! They don't have captions so you have to know your pop culture!

It's-a me! ;)

You got a friend in me! ;)

And finally! ;) These are so cool. I would have paid for this book if I had any money! HAHA!

Art of Howl's Moving Castle! Have you ever seen or played the game Machinarium? It reminds me a LOT of Howl's Castle!

I'm going to go see if I can find a download of that game--I miss it suddently!


Friday, 1 February 2013

Life Strategy + Vine

Hullo All!

I am ridiculously aware of how I've neglected this blog of mine. I'd offer an excuse but I have none. Let's just say that my fickle-minded brain prioritized other things. As an essay on the Thought Catalog said, "One thing you should do in your 20's is whatever the f*** makes you happy."

Pardon the french, but I found this to be both very true and slightly confusing. 

There are so many things I want to do and achieve in my life. Most people might tell me to focus only on one thing and one thing only to increase my chances of success in that field. But try as I might, I cannot just set aside the other things I want to achieve. Not lucrative they may be as a career, and implausible as they are now with my current skill set, I still want to be able to reach these dreams of mine. They aren't all that practical, but I want to go for them anyway. I know it is what will make me happy, so why deny it to myself? 

Time to have a serious talk with myself. You're welcome to hear my thoughts!