Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Auditory Feelings

Hullo All!

There are a lot of things that stir in my mind that leave me unable to produce coherent sentences without sidetracking into another story. Sometimes though, and you'll see this quite often in my Twitter, I find that tunes often encapsulate things that I am feeling quite well. Not all of the songs have lyrics that directly apply with or in my life, but the fact that I zero into these I think make them significant. 

Thing is, I'm not the type of person that has a gigantic playlist of songs. I have a couple of favorite artists, but only because they hit the bullseye each time. Other artists I only like one song of. These songs are played on repeat until my mind and heart get tired of them, which isn't quickly. 

So, when there are no more words for me to write my feelings with, there are songs. :)

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (cover by Lindsey Sterling & Pentatonix)
I love the original more though, but I can imagine that a lot of people will enjoy this version.

You Set Me Free - Angie Miller
Oh my gosh, my all time favorite Idol contestant ever. I got chills every single time she performed. I'm ultra bummed she didn't win, but just listen to this talent of hers (this is her original song)! She's going places and I am going with her (figuratively).

Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
I know, I know. This song is everywhere, covered a bajillion times, but how can you not love it? The lyrics are powerful and encouraging--the perfect for dreamers.

Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran
I'd like to consider myself an Ed Sheeran hipster, only because I feel like I knew him just months before he exploded in popularity. I love his songs, his voice, his lovely gingerly hair and his songwriting-from-the-heart talent. I also love him additionally because someone in his crew thought it was genius to put him and Rupert Grint in one video (Lego House). This, however, is my favorite song of his. 

Little Things - One Direction
While I don't consider myself a Directioner, I will admit that the boys can sing. Combine Zane's their amazing, makes-you-melt voice with Ed Sheeran's amazing songwriting (he wrote the song), and you have the song that I want my future husband to sing to me when he proposes (hint: he doesn't have to be a singer--it's the thought/attempt that counts. lol)

Bang Bang -
I'm not usually a BEP or fan, but his track is one of my favorites from the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby. I'm a big OST person and this was just too good a fusion of 20's jazz and contemporary music. I love the entire thing they did with the soundtrack of the film to really integrate it together and this just makes me both nostalgic and happy at the same time (which is weird).

Next to Me - Emeli Sande
My current LSS. Not usually my kind of music, but I've been hearing it everywhere and I don't mind.


One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) - One Direction
Since I already went there, I'll share with you my crazy guilty pleasure, this song! It's one of my favorite LSS songs because I actually like the lyrics and they loop around so you never get frustrated with forgetting the lyrics. I loved the original Blondie version + Angelica Pickles (Rugrats) version, so I had to listen to this. Haha!

These songs are ones that I've been listening to for the past few months. They bring me through a rollercoaster of emotions, to be honest and I love listening to them when I want to manipulate my own feelings (distracted to focused, absent-minded to thoughtful, discouraged to pumped). I have more Ed Sheeran and Imagine Dragons favorite songs, but I want to disperse them when I relisten to them. :)

What songs do you love listen to help you express yourself when words fail?


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Evolution of Passion and Chaos: a Novella by JapanLover.Me's Resident Mermaid

Aaaand, that title only took me fifteen minutes to come up with! OTL

Before I get into the meat of the “Countdown to the JapanLover.Me Launch” portion, I first want to tell you guys about how I came to be part of the project in the first place, and more importantly, who the heck am I anyway?


Sunday, 5 May 2013

JapanLoverMe + Work-Life

Hullo All!

For the past few months, there has been a whirlwind of activity around the general area of my laptop. And while part of me wishes that it was of equal amount to my physical activity, there has generally been more hub-bub around the Internet. 

As you can probably deduce from my previous posts, I have been sharing some JapanLove recently. More specifically, being more of a JapanLover. 

JapanLovers of the world unite! :3