Friday, 14 December 2012

Michael's: The First Visit

Hullo all!

As you can probably already tell from the title, I went into Michael's (the craft store) for the first time ever! 

I've always heard a lot about it, and people that knew of it already foresaw my happiness the day I finally stepped into the place. So, people pretty much preempted my perception of the place--and they were not wrong!

So excited when I saw this place in West Virginia! It was Thanksgiving so there were hardly any people inside (they were probably thinking of raiding the place on Black Friday).

The first section I saw inside! Any DIY jewelry maker would be sure to enjoy this!

A whole bin of Duck Tape! I always only knew duct tape to come in only one design. For sure, I've never seen these back home! I mean, look at them all.

I mustache you if you've ever seen tape like this before!

I'm not a fan of Spongebob, but even I was amused by this!

I can now fully understand why Karen Kavett, one of my favorite people online, is so enthralled by tape! Had I more money, I would have started a tape collection right then and there!

Pretty craft paper designs! This design, in particular, reminded me of Austen novels. (● ♡ ∀ ♡) 

Seriously, there were just so many designs that I figured taking photos of each and every single one of them would amount to me just taking inventory of the whole store, so I was very selective with the things I took photos of.

I'm not a big Hello Kitty fan either, but sticker sets just make me feel happy and childlike (I once had this amazing Lisa Frank sticker collection that I stuck on a photo album).

Crafting and baking books! Just look at that cover of Hello, Cupcake(ღ ˘ ⌣ ˘ ღ)

Fairytale anything makes me want to buy it! I wonder what the other cake designs inside this book are!

Anyone creating a manga?

So many cute Christmas decorations!!! Guys, you have no idea what restraints I had to have to avoid buying all the pastel-colored decorations in Michael's. Next Christmas, mark my words!

Letter stencils! All types of font! This would be super great if you were making some of your own shirts using acrylic paint!

Sketch pads! I have this weird thing with sketchpads wherein I always want a new one even if I'm barely halfway through my current one. :|

Prismacolor, Y U so expensive! (屮ಠ益ಠ)屮

One day you shall be mine!

You too Copic markers! ;_;

Sharpies! I have a special relationship with these--they kept me company throughout most of my college life by helping me plan my days on my organizers.

OMGGGG. Pastel colors! Sharpie, you understand me!

Christmas flowers! My mom and I spent the most time at Michael's looking through the floral section.

Because, unfortunately, we find it hard to take care of live plants. ;_; So, to decorate our place without killing poor plants, we opted to get some artificial flowers instead.

Get the hydrangeas in all the colors! I seriously love the color selection they had here! If it weren't for the lack of fragrance, I would have thought myself to be in a real garden!

Lilies! Okay, this is serious talk guys. I will get married with white lilies and pastel colors as my theme. 
(* ≧ ▽ ≦) * 

My reason for loving lilies so much!
Do you get the hint? ;)

I am so definitely going back to this store when we go and visit for Christmas! I better buy some organizing boxes and shelves too because I can feel a collection starting to brew!



  1. hahaha! of course!! i know that hint... *in riida's english tone* VERY MUCH! :))

    1. I KNOW! I didn't have a favorite flower until Maou. <3