Tuesday, 18 December 2012

On Artwork and Tumblr

Hullo All!

My hands and brain are not fast enough to update this blog with all the things! But trust me when I say that I have a bunch of stuff lined up. There have already been about a thousand visits to my blog and I'm quite happy about that! Yey!

*pulls party poppers*

But as we all (including me) wonder when I'll have my next post up, I wanted to talk about art a bit. :)

I have an "Art" section on this page *points up* that let's you see some of the work I've done, but I also wanted to let you know that the works I put up here may not be as extensive as those that I will be putting up on my main "Art Blog" (aka. Tumblr).

You can check out that link here:

The link above contains more of my work, including sketches. I'm doing this so that things will be more organized! :) I have a few personal/life posts there too from before I set up this blog here. But other than that, it's all art goodness! :)

If you want to see what kind of stuff I reblog on Tumblr, you can head on over to my "Reblogging Tumblr" for all the fandom and crazy that I get obsessed about!

That link is here:

So yes! Follow me if you'd like--if you enjoy the same things I do or appreciate my ever changing "art style." I appreciate and would love to see you there! Yey!


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