Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Art Exercise: Animal Shapes

Hullo all!


I finally got around to doing some art! The past few weeks have been all about adjusting, sight-seeing and just being in a new environment. Now that we've settled down a bit, I can now do a little bit more "work."

This is the first of a few that I've been working on recently. Hopefully I will be putting the rest up soon after this!

Feel free to tilt your head around. Also, this could make you dizzy. Advanced apologies!

A few weeks before leaving the Philippines, I decided that my art was getting rusty. I haven't had that must practice since being at work and my imagination needed to be let loose again. I thought that I needed some type of art exercise to get my brain working again. 

I think I saw this idea somewhere to make random shapes and see what you can doodle out of them. So, I asked my brother to do one shape for me. After I filled out one shape, I asked him to make another one, so on and so forth. I gradually realized that I started to be seeing all animals, so I went with it. This is the result! :) 

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