Monday, 7 July 2014

Visual Development Portfolio Vol.1: Getting Started

Hullo all!

It's no secret that, for years now, my dream job is to become a Visual Development artist.

One of the things I need to overcome, which coincidentally seems to be the biggest hurdle, is putting together a portfolio. I currently have one on Behance, but given my specific direction, I feel that I need to create a new one.

And so I figured I would do some spec work for my portfolio. "Spec" is a term I learned off studying Advertising. It also applies in portfolio creation where, instead of placing work you've already created for clients or classes, you create an entirely new piece of work on a hypothetical, what-if-I-got-to-work-on-this-project type of basis. 

I've long been a fan of thesis portfolios of illustration and visual development majors. And I'm taking my cue off of them. 

The idea for my own portfolio came on pretty quickly, and I've made many a sketch creating the characters in my sketchbook. But now it's time to start putting it all together into a few pages. 

Now, I have a tendency to want to reveal everything all at once, because I want there to be a grand reveal of "Hey! Look what I managed to put together!" I figured, that if I do that, I can make a grand entrance and it's done in one go. And on the flip side, if it takes me forever to create everything and the desire fizzles out, no one ever need know that a grand idea existed that just never came to fruition. 

But no, I'm not going to let that happen this time. This time, everything comes true. So, I decided to share a little bit of my progress as soon as I make it. 

So here is the first piece that I've completed! A character lineup of my take on the Grimm's fairy tale: Maid Maleen (which I have temporarily titled "Maid Mari" given my personal take on it)! :)

Stay tuned for more! :)