Sunday, 25 November 2012

Overdue Date

Hullo All!

So this is a bit of an overdue post. Because of all the excitement of our new place, I almost forgot to share with you guys this simple, nice lunch-date I had with Micah! :) 

If you have been reading closely, you can probably surmise that Micah is one of my best friends. I'll admit that there are times that I get cross and feel like she forgets me (I'm clingy), but whenever I get a chance to sit down and spend time with her, all that disappears!

Presenting Micah! :) Yeah, you can say it, she's quite pretty!

Friends since the fifth grade!

We had lunch here! We're big fans of Japanese food and we're always up for a twist to it. Well, me more than Micah. She's a bit of a selective eater so when she suggested this, I was up for the new experience!

It was a quaint place that had all the vintage elements that make me feel all cozy!

Ma Maison is known for their huge Japanese-style Western burgers (yeah, I know). This one was as big as our entire hand, so we decided to split it.

We did get quite full from the burger but we also got this mini pizza! IT was just as good! Shrimp, mushroom and pepperoni!

And the piece de resistance

This is the main reason Micah wanted me to try Ma Maison--it's famous Frozen Green Tea Brazo! Micah's not a fan of Green Tea so this is a big deal for her. Meanwhile, I'm a big fan of Green Tea (and brazo!) so this got me all the right kinds of happy!

Unfortunately, Micah and I had to part after that (boo). But that didn't stop me from finding my own fun! And so, I went around the mall to look for a few things!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love notebooks?

Slouchy bags at Follow Your Heart! These are so colorful I wanted almost all of them! If only I had more room in my luggage (and more money)!

Ending this post with a narcissistic photo of me trying on two pairs of pretty pastel pants! Don't they match my floral top? :) 

Which do you think I should get?


Friday, 16 November 2012

Snow Day

Hullo all!

So if you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that I posted about a snow day we had last week (yes, I know this is a rather late post -- I have an explanation for that!)

It was a surprise for a lot of people around here although it had been in the news for a couple of days because it is still very much autumn. But the weather reports have been predicting another "storm" of sorts. It's called a Nor'easter. I'm not a science wiz but the pressure and wind all came together to form snow one day, and here we have it!

So pretty!

Actually, I had forgotten my mom saying that there would be snow one day. But I had a habit of looking out the window every so often (probably because that's what I did a lot during the hurricane). My brother calls it as me "watching the TV" because I said that real life was more interesting than the TV sometimes.

SO you can probably imagine my squeal when I lifted the blinds and saw snow for the first time. Ever.

It's like the entire street was being covered in confectionary sugar!

When the snow first started falling, it was mixed with some rain. This is called a flurry (McFlurry? Lol). So when the snow flakes drop on you, it instantly turns back into water.  But as the snow continued to fall, they became drier and more solid so that it actually landed as little dots of ice on the pavement.

So, naturally, I had to go outside and touch all the snow!

First snowball! It's origins are quite unglamorous. I got it by the wheel of a car. Haha!

Obviously, ice can get quite slippery and this makes it dangerous. So, the locals here sprinkled some form of salt to make it melt. It's those little ball-looking things that look similar to styrofoam balls you get inside packaging. Uh, right. My flowery descriptions, oh boy.

Mandatory, "I'M IN SNOW" photo.

This pile of snow covered the fire hydrant enough to look like a snowman! We didn't have to do anything to it but poke holes for its face and body!

Not captured in photo: frozen hands. But I don't curr!

Mandatory I-made-a-snow-print photo.

And finally, I have always heard about people wanting to eat snow. My friend was no exception and asked me to eat some ice for them. I, very nicely, obliged.

(I didn't eat the whole thing, though)

In the end, the snow stopped after that one day/night of falling. The following day, the ice started to melt and no more snow fell. But hopefully we'll be seeing more of Snow White come winter!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Wicked and I

Hullo All!

As you can see from my excited expression, I had an exciting day recently!

Going with a predominantly green theme today with hints of pink and blue! This is one of my favorite dresses of all time that I got for a steal at Forever21 over a year ago!

My mom gave me this nice dark grey knit cardigan. It kept me warm enough so I didn't have to bring a jacket with me that day.

Green gradient pashmina scarf that I actually gave to my mom as a gift. I borrowed it for the day.

We took some photos by the waterfront while waiting for the bus. We haven't been able to take a daytime shot of the city since arriving.

Panoramic shot!

Cute little girl in her windbreaker! Her older sister didn't look too thrilled about the cold.

Our bus stop. It was toppled over by the hurricane. :(

Our destination!!! :)

My brother and I were so excited to watch this! I've heard so much about this and I'm halfway through the novel of the same name. We bought the tickets only the day before and purchasing online was a breeze!

The view from our seats! Pretty sweet, right?

The map of our almost 3 hour journey through Oz!

We actually weren't allowed to take photos during the program itself, but I'm a ninja and sneaked some photos of the curtain call! I'm sad the the glare prevented me from getting a good shot of Alli Mauzey (Glinda) and Jackie Burns (Elphaba).

The interior or Gershwin Theater. It's dedicated to the showing of Wicked (which runs until May 5, 2013)!

The dragon clock of Oz!

Off topic: My hair is so orange in this photo!

No, don't make me leave! I want to watch again! :(

But guess what I saw outside the theatre guys?! *insert foreshadowing moment here*

Then it was time to meet up with some of my favorite people in the world. A few blog entries ago, I talked about my awesome cousins. Well, a couple of my cousins have been in the US since 2009 and this is the first time I'm seeing them in three years!

I also got to meet my cute little half-Italian nephew for the first time! He looks worried, I hope it isn't me haha!

Interesting tidbit about my nephew: whenever he sees the red light from the camera, he knows the flash comes right after and his photo is taken--so he smiles! CUTE!

Quaint pizzaria we ate at in the city! I had so much fun with my cousins, I totally didn't catch the name of the place.

Awesome day: check! :)


PS. The title of this post is a derivation of a song from Wicked: "The Wizard and I" :)