Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Wicked and I

Hullo All!

As you can see from my excited expression, I had an exciting day recently!

Going with a predominantly green theme today with hints of pink and blue! This is one of my favorite dresses of all time that I got for a steal at Forever21 over a year ago!

My mom gave me this nice dark grey knit cardigan. It kept me warm enough so I didn't have to bring a jacket with me that day.

Green gradient pashmina scarf that I actually gave to my mom as a gift. I borrowed it for the day.

We took some photos by the waterfront while waiting for the bus. We haven't been able to take a daytime shot of the city since arriving.

Panoramic shot!

Cute little girl in her windbreaker! Her older sister didn't look too thrilled about the cold.

Our bus stop. It was toppled over by the hurricane. :(

Our destination!!! :)

My brother and I were so excited to watch this! I've heard so much about this and I'm halfway through the novel of the same name. We bought the tickets only the day before and purchasing online was a breeze!

The view from our seats! Pretty sweet, right?

The map of our almost 3 hour journey through Oz!

We actually weren't allowed to take photos during the program itself, but I'm a ninja and sneaked some photos of the curtain call! I'm sad the the glare prevented me from getting a good shot of Alli Mauzey (Glinda) and Jackie Burns (Elphaba).

The interior or Gershwin Theater. It's dedicated to the showing of Wicked (which runs until May 5, 2013)!

The dragon clock of Oz!

Off topic: My hair is so orange in this photo!

No, don't make me leave! I want to watch again! :(

But guess what I saw outside the theatre guys?! *insert foreshadowing moment here*

Then it was time to meet up with some of my favorite people in the world. A few blog entries ago, I talked about my awesome cousins. Well, a couple of my cousins have been in the US since 2009 and this is the first time I'm seeing them in three years!

I also got to meet my cute little half-Italian nephew for the first time! He looks worried, I hope it isn't me haha!

Interesting tidbit about my nephew: whenever he sees the red light from the camera, he knows the flash comes right after and his photo is taken--so he smiles! CUTE!

Quaint pizzaria we ate at in the city! I had so much fun with my cousins, I totally didn't catch the name of the place.

Awesome day: check! :)


PS. The title of this post is a derivation of a song from Wicked: "The Wizard and I" :)

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