Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Flea Market Finds

Hullo all!

Headed into the city with my mom to return an overpriced costume at Party City.

Yes, I know, I should really learn to use a tripod in taking photos. (;´・`)>

Got a chance to wear my new pastel owl Xhiliration sweater I got from Target! Originally, I contemplated not buying it--thanks to my mom for encouraging me!

Really old scarf I've had even back at home, I've forgotten where I got it.

I had thought it to be an uneventful trip, but then we saw this place right outside the bus terminal!
Believe it or not, there is an area in Manhattan called Hell's Kitchen. I thought that was just the Gordon Ramsay show!

Vintage camera accessories! My brother is looking for an external flash! Hihihi

Super pretty, pastel UGGs! They're even half of the original price! 

I want this as a decor piece in my room! Literally, rustic!

Because I'm very passionate about owls, I'm also indirectly passionate about wings!

Winter is coming! Pick your coat!

Pretty pastel-stripped poncho! It was, however, three sizes too big for me!

Bag obsession!

Satchels! Satchels everywhere!

White and pastel-floral bags! These were made for me!

Vintage toys! I feel like the American Pickers (one of my most favorite shows)! 
Everything is eye-candy!

Vintage kiddie leather vests and jackets! Too cute!

Oh, what is this I see?!

Vintage Liz Claiborne gradient sweater--in purple! (Why didn't I buy this? Regret!)

Vintage matchbox collection! I've heard about these but it's the first time I've seen a collection!

Decorative typographic letters! And look, "M" at the very top (not staged, I promise)!

Typeset letters! These were probably my favorite things to have found! I just recently watched a documentary called Linotype: The Film (Yes! Geekery at it's finest)! I now understand the importance of preserving these letter types! I want to start a collection!

I purchased a scarf for my mum at the flea market, but you can bet that next time I go, I'll be getting something for myself! And if that Liz Claiborne sweater is still in the rack, it means it's meant for me!

- Mishie

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