Friday, 16 November 2012

Snow Day

Hullo all!

So if you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, you'll know that I posted about a snow day we had last week (yes, I know this is a rather late post -- I have an explanation for that!)

It was a surprise for a lot of people around here although it had been in the news for a couple of days because it is still very much autumn. But the weather reports have been predicting another "storm" of sorts. It's called a Nor'easter. I'm not a science wiz but the pressure and wind all came together to form snow one day, and here we have it!

So pretty!

Actually, I had forgotten my mom saying that there would be snow one day. But I had a habit of looking out the window every so often (probably because that's what I did a lot during the hurricane). My brother calls it as me "watching the TV" because I said that real life was more interesting than the TV sometimes.

SO you can probably imagine my squeal when I lifted the blinds and saw snow for the first time. Ever.

It's like the entire street was being covered in confectionary sugar!

When the snow first started falling, it was mixed with some rain. This is called a flurry (McFlurry? Lol). So when the snow flakes drop on you, it instantly turns back into water.  But as the snow continued to fall, they became drier and more solid so that it actually landed as little dots of ice on the pavement.

So, naturally, I had to go outside and touch all the snow!

First snowball! It's origins are quite unglamorous. I got it by the wheel of a car. Haha!

Obviously, ice can get quite slippery and this makes it dangerous. So, the locals here sprinkled some form of salt to make it melt. It's those little ball-looking things that look similar to styrofoam balls you get inside packaging. Uh, right. My flowery descriptions, oh boy.

Mandatory, "I'M IN SNOW" photo.

This pile of snow covered the fire hydrant enough to look like a snowman! We didn't have to do anything to it but poke holes for its face and body!

Not captured in photo: frozen hands. But I don't curr!

Mandatory I-made-a-snow-print photo.

And finally, I have always heard about people wanting to eat snow. My friend was no exception and asked me to eat some ice for them. I, very nicely, obliged.

(I didn't eat the whole thing, though)

In the end, the snow stopped after that one day/night of falling. The following day, the ice started to melt and no more snow fell. But hopefully we'll be seeing more of Snow White come winter!


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