Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Adapting + Halloween Party City

It has been an interesting two weeks! That being said, we've done some adapting in this new environment; which includes the weather situation. 

And so, I finally get to try some Layering!!!

Time to head out!

Black and Gray theme for today! The checkered scarf and black slouchy bag I nicked from my mom's closet. Shh!

Trying out a pair of new gray Lower East Side booties my mom got for me! I was actually hesitant because I was scared they'd make me look shorter than I already am! :))

This Harry Potter-inspired Dealthy Hallows logo shirt was a gem I found on District Lines last year! Unfortunately, I don't know if this is still online, so I'm glad I got it when I did!

My black Oxygen cardigan I've had since 2010, but my Xhilaration jeggings are a new acquisition here! I like them so much that I bought three pairs!

A common sight out in the neighborhood street! There is a man that stands in the corner and feeds them.

We headed into the city again. This is the first time I saw Madison Square Garden this close! I always remember Godzilla (and Godzilla babies) running around in that location (in the movie)!

Before Hurricane Sandy hit, people were still running around preparing for Halloween! This was where my mom got her costume for an office party!

 Having a party? Party place is the place to go! It's huge and they have all sorts of items in every color for all your party needs!

You can even have sports-related parties if you have a favorite team!

Gift wrappers in every color! I just wanted them all--especially the pastel colored ones!

Rainbow pastel paper lanterns! I waaaant!!!

Making some Hello Kitty + Baking friends jealous! :P

A cute message for your party-goers!

Even the napkins are to die for! I want all the designs! My future home shall have you all some day!

But the reason we came to Party City was of the costumes!
And costumes we did find! Wigs anyone? They have an entire wall full of them!

Costumes for every decade! I wonder what 2000's costumes will look like?

A very Halloween-y theme! They even have Pirates, Futuristic, etc! So many!

They have other themes too like Harry Potter, Toy Story, Zorro, etc! Seeing all of this, it's making me realize that we could have used a Party City in the Philippines for our Advertising class presentations!

Okay, I'm guilty. I actually watched the first episode of Monster High. It's based on a set of new Mattel Dolls. Being the Barbie fan that I was (and am), I was curious about what it was about. The dolls themselves are cute.

And because it's election season here in the US, guess who dropped by Party City for his campaign?

Of course Halloween wouldn't have been complete without candy! Guess what, Party City sells them too!

After Party City, we went off to pick up a few more things.

Pumpkin patches on the street! Interesting touch for Halloween! The entirety of 34th Street has them!

I picked up this post card for a friend! :)

I bought this cute pair of fuzzy socks at the Dollar Store for some warmth when I'm inside the house!

They match my cute pink fuzzy piggy slippers!

And, finally, at the grocery store, my brother spotted these!

 Can't decide which you want? Now you don't need to worry!

 That got me hungry! I think I'll pick up a Golden Oreo now! ;P

- Mishie

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