Sunday, 30 March 2014

PHL Part 1: The Golden Standard + Center City

Hullo all,

I took my first trip with a friend this weekend! My super good friend, Karen, invited me to go to Philadelphia with her. She was going down to visit her best friend and I was so lucky that she thought of me to go with her. 

The only unfortunate thing about the entire trip was that it was raining all throughout the weekend! There was so much to do and see that we had to take off our list because the rain just prevented us from doing so!

Luckily though, Karen did amazing research on some of the good places to go to. The Gold Standard Cafe was one of them.

The Gold Standard Cafe is on 4800 Baltimore Avenue and it has a nice location of where two intersections meet--kind of like the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. 

One of the things I liked about The Golden Standard is how cozy it felt. You could really feel that the cafe belonged to the neighborhood and that the people in it were regulars that loved the place.

I love the community board!

How awesome is this flyer for a Strange Girls gig! Very art deco.

It looked like a teeny, tiny cafe upon entering but apparently there is a large dining room at the back, complete with a chimney! It feels very homey.

I love the colorful art on the walls. It really feels like someone's dining room.

Tried Eggs Benedict for the first time! I ordered it with some smoked salmon (which I absolutely love). Not shown in any photo is the Everything Bagel with smokes salmon that I had before this.

Check out the lovely view from my table seat. It's a nice vibe even if it was raining outside.

My super pretty and awesome friend Karen! I met her a year ago during my internship and I'm so thankful that we've always gotten along well--well enough that now we're taking trips together!

The rows and rows of Victorian houses in Philly are such eye-candy! If it weren't raining, I could have captured photos of multi-colored ones too! It's so colorful and vibrant.

Gloomy and rainy? That's fine when you've got an awesome environment and cool company.

We had no guide for the day so we discovered the transportation system of PHL: trolleys and buses! It's quite an experience. And thank goooodness for Google Maps!

The moment I saw it, I knew I had to take a photo of city hall. The architecture was just too gorgeous to pass up!

I love this photo of the city hall next to all the more modern buildings. Isn't it just an amazing thing to see past and present co-exist?

It wasn't too obvious to us where the generically touristy places were in Center City (the business district). I suppose that the historical district (aka Old City) would be were most of the tourists are, but I still think this place was picturesque. I totally want to print this photo out!

We spotted this building two blocks away from city hall! It was so amazing and slightly overwhelming. The longer I stared at it, the dizzier I got. But also, it reminded me a loooot of The Grand Budapest Hotel! Can anyone see it?

Up Next: Thrifting in PHL!


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