Saturday, 20 October 2012

From MNL to EWR: Part 1 of 3

After so many weeks days of packing and preparation cramming, D-Day had arrived! All my luggage was set! Oh, did I mention, one of my suitcases looks very similar to the one my friend Kaila took on her trip to Amsterdam?

I had to keep filtering and filtering through my clothes before I could eventually fit every essential in it. I had two suitcases to myself, but I filled this one up pretty quickly.

We arrived at the airport really early. We had about two hours to kill and I had a craving for Seattle's Best's Hot Chocolate! Luckily they had one inside the airport! It's pretty obvious what I spent my last peso bills on!

Gross/Blurry Photo of the Day: I was aghast to find out that my shoe was in this state! I went through the entire trip with this in what I described as a spilling cheeze ooze accident.

My brother! He can pretty much sleep anywhere!

Our first flight! This is the first Japanese airline I'd be riding on. And also, I get to stop by Japan? The best part about this ride! Haha!

A few months ago when my family and I were buying plane tickets, my brother and I were adamant about getting seats near the backside of the wing! I guess now you can tell why!

I bought Mentos to have something to chew on during take-off (I don't enjoy gum) and got ready with my fix of The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. You'll be disappointed to know that I ended up not reading at all during the ride.

This was the best set of airline food I've ever had! I chose the Japanese Set during our flight to Narita.

If I had to single any dish out of that set as the best, it would probably be these soba noodles! They were heavenly, I wish there were more!

Guess who also started taking photos of his food? 

That's all from my journey for now! Stay tuned next time when I tell you all about my very, very very  short stay in Japan's Narita International Airport!

- Mishie

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