Wednesday, 2 April 2014

PHL Part 3: Reading Terminal Market

Hullo all!

By far, though, my favorite part of this trip to Philly was Reading Terminal Market.

Yes, yes. Leave it to me to make anything that has to do with food on top of the list.

Some shelter from the rain--eeek!

The first thing that washed over me when we went inside was a feeling of overwhelming awe. The place was huge! I wish my camera could capture it!

Bizarre Foods America is currently one of my favorite shows. I can appreciate it so much more now that I'm actually living in the U.S.

Reminds me of Honeydukes (I say this as if I've been there before. Spoiler alert: I have not)!

Fun fact (?): I never really understood why Easter is celebrated with the symbol of the rabbit. Back at home, the mention of the word "Easter" to me meant the time to visit fourteen (seven, if I'm lucky) churches has arrived and I have to drive and park in tight spaces again. Not as exciting as chocolate-covered bunnies.


The search for the best Philly Cheesesteak (I kept saying "Chilly Feesesteak" by the way *headdesk*) has begun!

The Flying Monkey!

Signage, signage! I just loooved the signage in this place!!!

This man had such a booming voice that made me think of what Santa would sound like. He is also pretty much what I imagine Santa doing on his off-season--selling cookies.

Gotta be honest. When I saw the lobsters in the tank, I thought "awww" and "yuuum" at the same time.

A big part of Reading Terminal Market houses Amish-owned stores. This little boy was helping out his dad for the day! So cute!

Aaaah, cute!

Yikes, they caught me!

Scented candles. These have been a waterloo of mine in recent months. I just loooove searching for a candle with the perfect scent. Karen and I must have spent half an hour at this stand sniffing through each one!

Just look at all those lovely pastel colors! I love looking at them all!

I ended up walking away with two scents: Sweet Pea (for my mom!) and Love Spell (because I fell for it)! And I'm realizing more than ever that, as much as I love food, I'm not fond at all of pastry-scented candles!

Lilies are my all time favorite flowers--especially white ones because I'm such a white person. :)))

And because I was getting so overwhelmed with finding the perfect Chilly Feesesteak (lol) stall, I just opted for ice cream!

I got Dark Chocolate Chip and Butterscotch Vanilla--BEST THING EVER.

Cool story, bro.

I love the idea for this book! I browsed through the inside and there are actually whole passages from Alice in Wonderland that are in between the recipes! All cookbooks should be like this from now on! Imagine an illustrated Harry Potter series of cookbooks!!!!

Speaking of Harry Potter--does anyone care to come to Witch Camp with me?

Troll head wind chimes! I love it!

I got exhausted after this stall--we had spent over two hours inside Reading Terminal Market! And that was just through one, very meticulous run through the place!

I'm definitely coming back here to get my Philly Cheesesteak and maybe that ice cream again too!


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