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The Movie List 2012: Wreck-It Ralph!

Hullo All!

I don't know about you guys, but I have a Movie List for 2012. This Movie List is basically just a To-Do list of films that I have been meaning to, and want to, watch for this year. I include films that have shown prior to 2012 as well as those that are set to be released this year. 

I'll share with you guys the full list after this, so let's cross check it later! :)

I will also rave obsess over talk about Paperman after, so be sure to check that out as well.

(Disclaimer: this is NOT spoiler-free. Proceed only if you have watched the film or don't care about being spoiled)

So. Let's Wreck It!

I've been seeing these posters since the early part of the year. And I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't sure about what to expect with this. I couldn't tell if I was excited or worried. I'm such a Disney fan to the point of wondering what makers and producers were thinking when they approved the concept for this film.

On one hand, I was super excited because this film references a lot of games that I grew up with. This is also the second full-3D feature that they have done since Tangled, which I can never not watch when on TV. Knowing that, Wreck-It Ralph certainly made me curious.

But on the other hand, it was a story about what video games did after hours. Didn't it come too close to the concept of Toy Story? Yes, Pixar is Disney's sister-company, but it still made me wonder about why they did something that was similar. Was it because John Lasseter was the executive producer of Toy Story and, now, Ralph

On any hand, my brother and I went to watch it! You didn't think my doubts refrained me from watching a Disney film?

I tried my best to dress for the occasion!

Tried to wear Ralph's colors, plus some pops of color from Sugar Rush!

Wreck-It Ralph! themed! Although I think I'm the only one that can spot it!

Our destination: Regal Cinemas! This was our first time to watch a film since flying here!

Apparently, the cinemas we went to was the only branch of Regal in the City! The rest of it is crawling with AMC theaters like the one just across!

You can see how long ago this was and how delayed I am in blogging about it.

Candy snacks! What a sure-fire way to get fat at the movies! We opted for popcorn and white cheddar instead--a shared snack!

We arrived at the cinema so early that we were the only ones in the theater for about ten minutes! And so, it called for some photos!

One of my least favorite photos of late, to be honest. ;_; I'll lose weight, I promise! But don't focus on that! Focus on the empty theater we are in!

My brother's candid movie face. :P

Okay, so Wreck-It. The cameos were obviously amusing! We ended up in the theater with a hoopla of kids, that we bet didn't get most of the references. Things like Streetfighter, Sonic, Pacman and Mario were only some of the things that made the movie feel nostalgic. And a lot of other cameos made it into the film too (ie. Beard Papa, Devil Dogs and Oreos). Some shots and scenes in the film were references to other films too--just like the March of the Oreos being a reference to Wizard of Oz (which my brother and I learned later on. That was amazing).

The graphics were, obviously, amazing! Sometimes I get so lost in the graphics that part of me feels like I'm seeing them in 2D still. That doesn't make sense, obviously, but most of the characters on screen I've known to be 2D. Seeing them in 3D is great and makes them feel more alive, but still has that classic look to them (like Tangled) that still makes you remember that, yes, this is still very Disney.

Now, I was wondering for a really long time what the movie was actually about other than for its video game novelty. Disney and Pixar are known for that after all--all the feels! And my screenwriter-y mind was already going through the entire thing, trying to spot what elements would be coming into play later on. As I've been taught, nothing in film is accidental. Every little detail seen and spoken in the film is usually a hook that will tie-in later on in the film. (Hint: it leads to the twist at the end of the film)

Everything was awesome, except for that one little thing that couldn't help but bug me all throughout the film. Sadly enough, as little as it is, she was also a big character in the film.

Yes. I don't know why! Vanellope's character bugged me. Maybe it was because I couldn't get Sarah Silverman's face out of the character's appearance or (duh) voice. I couldn't tell them apart and that made me feel like I was watching Sarah Silverman the entire time. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of hers. 

As a result, I felt very little for her character. I've failed to know whether Vanellope's character was really outright annoying or whether that was just me, seeing Sarah Silverman through her. Don't get me wrong, I still teared up when Ralph wrecked her car, but only because I sympathized with how much they've progressed, only to have her hopes crushed. 

Nevertheless, I still want the Sugar Rush racers shirt graphics as a poster on my wall. 

But, in the end, I enjoyed myself! The story, as usual, was the hook for me. And the twist at the very end definitely made up for my Vanellope irritation. Part of me still thinks that had someone else been given the job of voice acting for Vanellope, I would have enjoyed the film more. 

Sorry, Sarah Silverman. You almost wrecked it for me. Ah, see what I did there?

That's it for Wreck-It Ralph! I don't fancy myself a critic so there isn't anything much else I can contribute to the discussion of this film. I liked it, but it isn't in the top for me. Maybe I'll always be a classic fairy tale Disney girl. 

What's that you say? What will happen when fairy tales run out, you ask? 

Oh, I wouldn't worry. I just recently bought a complete collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales and I will assure you that Disney won't be running out of fairy tales for the next two hundred years (even if they came out with one story a year). They've already started on the next fairy tale film for next year called Frozen. Take a guess about what that film is about. ;)


PS. Yes! I'm sure you must have noticed that I didn't mention anything about Paperman in this entry. That's because I feel that all Disney/Pixar shorts deserve their own spot in the limelight--more so Paperman!


  1. I love your blog! I wish you had GFC, so I can follow you. I loved this movie, by the way. Hope you can check out my movie review, too :)

    1. Thanks! I have a question: what is GFC? :( I'd love for you to follow me, but I don't know what that is. :(

      I just read your review! I have a sneaky feeling there might be a Wreck It sequel as it is an open universe like Toy Story was. I, personally, hope they don't though. Disney is so imaginative, I'm sure they can think of more original concepts. I have too much faith in them haha! :)

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    1. I know right! When we saw the Wizard of Oz movie we were like "HEY THE OREOS!"