Monday, 29 April 2013

Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Hullo all!

While I have been slowly showing off my more JapanLoving side, something that many people already know about me is my fondness for florals. Given that a few years ago, florals and prints were not at all my style, nowadays I can't seem to get enough of them. I have a section of my closet that has my floral tops arranged in a rainbow manner. Think about that for a second.

But in a magical twist of fate, two (of the many) things that I love were coming together: flowers + Japan! Everyone knows that the cherry blossom is a symbol for Japan. Many people that responded to us in JapanLover.Me told us that they'd like to see the sakura bloom one day. I count myself as one of them because we didn't have any cherry blossoms back home. 

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there were some blooming in the city! I knew I had to go. And so, my mom and I went! :)

DISCLAIMER: There will be a lot of photos of me with flowers, and well, just flowers in general. :))

Sakura Matsuri coordinate! I've been gradually building up this look. I was debating between two tops but this is the one that won in the end. 

Floral top & dotted tights: Forever 21; Silver sequined loafers: Payless; lace shorts: Goodwill; DIY floral headband.

The headband was way better than I expected it to be! I love it so much I want to make more!

I have no photos of the entrance of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden so we're jumping straight into the Bonsai Museum!

So, I've never seen bonsai up close before. I mean, okay, maybe but I have a feeling that they weren't as old as the ones in these museum!

I'm going to admit something to you right now: my mom took most of the photos on this trip. I was too busy being overwhelmed. I took a few photos on my phone for a while but eventually succumbed to the wonder of all the flora around me.

So, who knew that bonsai trees are actual tiny trees (and not just fancy tree branches stuck in a pot)? Not me!

Bonsai trees are real trees that have been put in tiny pots and this has somehow altered their "thinking," making them believe that they are actually in a huge field. As a result, they grow really small (but they don't know that). ;) Seriously, so cool. 

They even had tiny bonsai trees (mostly Juniper trees) for sale in the gift shop where you can start your bonsai learning!

I have never seen so many tulips in my entire life (or ever)! I've seen a few of them in the pots in the city, but never in this amount or these many colors!

There is an entire strip of them. Wide eye camera lens, I wish I had you.

We saw one cherry blossom tree! At first, my mom went, "eh? This is it?" But I told her that we weren't even at the esplanade yet!

The Cherry Blossom Esplanade! This is where everyone is gathered!

We zeroed-in on the lowest hanging sakura branch to envelop around me! This is a documented Bucket-List-Item-Crossed-Off Moment!

So many people!

Whoops, butt shot. XD

There was even another part of the garden dedicated for Manga, Anime and Kids activities. These cutie chairs were set-up in front of the J-Lounge where they were spinning some Anime Tracks!

Manga drawings by kids! I'm sure mine would have made it up there if I had gone to one of these when I was younger!

Hands down, one of the best things that I saw in this part of the garden were these pop-culture inspired ukiyo-e art pieces by Ukiyo-e Heroes!

Prints were $45 each, Y U so out of budget?

Can you spot the Pokemon Battle art print? That's my favorite!

Street Fighter!

Some people dressed up for the occasion fairly...oddly?

And just down-right odd, but cool.

There were some Lolitas in attendance as well! I think I fit right in?

Wedding Victorian Lolita photoshoot was happening!

Some people are having a moment under the blossoms. ;)

Some cutie-pies that I found in the gift shop! If MishieWishie had her own Ghibli film, these would be me sprites!

You know you'd have done it too.

There's just something about torii gates, especially when they're standing in the water that just makes you feel like you're floating, right?

Hello little turtles! Hi! You remind me of a little hunchback named Ninomiya Kazunari, yes you do.

Wysteria is so pretty, but also a little bit creepy if you ask me. It's probably because its branches sag downward, like a sad surrender.

To be honest, the entrance fee for this event was very pricey considering that there wasn't a whole lot to do if you weren't planning on just sitting down on the grass and relaxing. I personally expected there to be more product booths and authentic food and the like. Luckily we had eaten before this, otherwise we probably would have been starving.

I don't regret coming though. I mean, it was still a pretty awesome experience.


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